Invitation to join the Refugees Protest

In the first hours of January 29, in the Bayern state’s Würzbrug refugee camp, an asylum seeker hanged himself from the window with his bed sheets and ended his struggle to find a way to be able to live with dignity in a human society. Unfortunately, Mohamad Rahsepar is not the first one who succumbs to the harshness of the treatment many refugees are facing in their homeland which drives them to seek asylum in other countries where they encounter confusion, lack of health, food, hygiene and inhuman treatment and humiliation; this situation is worsened with depression, homesickness and other pressures which ultimately, drive many of the most vulnerable ones to suicide. 

How can we prevent that? Surely, the answer would not be to swallow our anger and accept the daily tyranny; neither acting as a victim could help us in any way in order to attract attention and/or sporadic humanitarian financial help. Against abuse, regardless of the time and place it occurs, we have to stand up for our rights and fight back. We have to denounce the tyranny hidden hypocritically in the so-called humanitarian authorities and do our best to bring change. The asylum seeker who has to leave his country and take refuge in the countries who are supposed to apply and endorse Human Rights and does not get his/her rightful place has to take certain steps to gain back his/her dignity: .
.In the first stage, in order to defend themselves, the contesting refugees need a common front. The communal lives in the camps can be their relating factor which is not influenced by their original countries, languages, religions or sex; therefore they can focus on their common pain and struggle in order to help each other achieve their needs and rights. 

We are a group of refugees residing presently in Germany’s Bayern state; We are totally dedicated to the movement that has started and we believe that if we are committed to it, we can create refugee groups who will express themselves in solidarity and will attain their rights, even if it would not occur during our time as asylum seekers. Solidarity between all refugees from different camps based on concrete short term and local goals, can ultimately lead to real change in the inhuman situation most of them are facing the Bayern province. Although, we believe that as soon as we get our movement started and take our first steps, there would always be room for the asylum seekers of other provinces to join us and even become an international movement. 
We ask all refugees, immigrants, students, political formations, Human Rights activists, Anti-War activists and all those who are trying to build a better world to acknowledge us. Your support and solidarity in any kind of way can help and spread this movement. Please take note that our only purpose is to change the harsh situation of the asylum seekers but at the same time, we believe that this movement is on the same tracks of any progressive change activity; nevertheless, we need your support to change the horrible situation asylum seekers are facing. 

We are a number of Iranian, Iraki, Afghan and other nationalities asylum seekers from different refugee camps from the Bayern province. In our first contesting action, despite the pressures and threats, we have refused our weekly food packages in order to show that we will not rest until we achieve our goals. For our next action, we are planning a contesting gathering as we believe that “streets”, like always, are the best place to solidify the relationship of the many leveled activists and supporters; it is also the best place for us to express our needs and goals. 
Therefore, we, asylum seekers of the province of Bayern ask all who can join us in the protest gathering we have organized to join and help us in any way you can. Let us remember that succeeding in transferring our message in our first action will help consolidate this movement and your participation is extremely valuable and important for us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Time: February 13, 2012- at 1 pm.                                                                                                                                     Location: Würzbrug , Haupt bahnhof.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A group of Bayern Province’s refugees

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